London im März 2013

Wir standen am Flughafen Schönefeld – morgens um 6 Uhr. Eine Schülerin fehlte noch. Und tatsächlich: Sie schaffte es zum falschen Flughafen zu fahren, sie kam zum Glück trotzdem pünktlich. Es war ihr erster Flug und sie war noch aufgeregter, als wir anderen.  

Rom 2013

On Monday we presented our presentations about fair-trade which we had prepared already in Germany. The significant highlight on this day was our visit of the museum of the Vatican City. The rest of the day we spent with our friends.

What can we learn in a supermarket? – an intercultural dialogue of young Eruropeans
COMENIUS Project 2011 - 2013

Students from Berlin, London and Rome were interested in everyday life and popular culture of other young people in Europe as well as the cultures and traditions of their countries. They wanted to know more about the cultural richness of national and regional diversity in Europe as well as the similarities of the culture of young people today.